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Automatic Nett Weighers

Automatic Nett Weighers

Electronic automatic nett weighers are the basis for precise feeding and weighing in industrial processes and filling of end-product in all kinds of packaging.

They are prominent for their accuracy, precision, efficiency and reliability. They have CE certificate. Accuracy and precision are guaranteed with high quality measurement transducers that are connected to weight indicator DPA 3. Weight indicator DPA 3 is user friendly and its advanced features make it capable of supporting the most complex applications.

Weighers can operate independently or they can be a part of system (connected to Profibus, Ethernet, …). In addition to standardised variation we produce weighers that can be adjusted to specific requirements of individual projects.

Type of feeder is chosen according to product specifications.

NT 6


smaller nett weigher primarily designed for bagging of powdery and granular products that require precise weighing

weighing hopper which size is adjusted to weighing range is attached to load cell

weighing range 100 g – 10 kg

capacity up to 1200 weighings/hour. A compact variation of two or three weighers that are equipped with pneumatic discharge gate on the outlet allows higher capacity

dual-weigher up to 2400 weighings/hour

triple-weigher up to 3600 weighings/hour

NT 50


nett weigher with a wide range of usage in both bagging systems and industrial processes

weighing part of weigher is located inside housing to prevent dusting

three removable covers allow easy access for cleaning and maintenance of the internal (weighing) part

standard variations are available in three different sizes of NT50 that cover weighing range from 5 kg to 100 kg

capacity up to 1000 weighings/hour, for double compact version 2000 weighings/hour

NTD 500


electronic weigher designed for technological processes that require precise preparation of single or multiple components

weighers are designed and manufactured specifically for the needs of individual projects, therefore they represent an optimal solution when installation location and precision is important

weighing hopper is installed on 3 or 4 high quality load cells that are optimised for each application

weighing range from 10 kg to 10 t or more

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