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Feeders are designed to feed products into weighers and are crucial for successful weighing process. Based on years of experiences our experts choose suitable feeder for each type of material. To achieve maximum precision and high capacity we typically use fine and coarse feed systems.

Gravimetric Feeder

suitable for free-flowing materials such as sugar, grains, synthetic fertilisers, plastic granules etc.

Belt Feeder

suitable for non-free flowing materials where structure must be retained, such as animal feed and pellets

provides high accuracy in wide weighing range

Screw Feeder

suitable for non-free flowing powdery materials such as flour, bran, premixes for animal feed

can be equipped with single or double screw

its precision and performance are optimised with frequency regulators

Vibratory Feeder

suitable for feeding of very demanding non-free flowing materials, such us powders, granules and bulk materials

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